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Born in Queens, New York, U.K. Beil served in the U.S. Army in Korea as an infantry medic. Afterwards, he returned home & graduated from Morris Harvey University. He passed the State Board for Registered Nurses, accepted a commission in the U.S. Army Reserves as a Second Lieutenant, was married in 1994 & has had 2 children.

He lived in a monastic community, attended Theology College, & has been writing. He visited 6 foreign countries, 22 states, & is about to start traveling again while continuing to write.

An admirer of C.S. Lewis & J.R. Tolkien, who he identifies as "a master of Christian foundational fantasy", Beil's first novel, "dragons Arising", the first book in his series "NEO TERRA RISING", is not meant to be "a scriptural interpretation of Revelation" but rather " a fun-filled adventure.

Please join the adventurous characters, dwarven generals, 
mischievous elves, & a brother & sister in post-apocalyptic Knight States of America.


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 U.K. Beil

340 S. Lemon Ave., #9851

Walnut, CA. 91789



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