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The second coming of Christ was heralded as a roar, like the great lion of Judah.   As if overnight, a new constellation appeared.  The astronomers of the ancients could not have missed it because this celestial apparition was visible with the naked eye.    The initial stage of the apocalypse had been thrust upon mankind by the super corporations.  Through political sellouts and lobbying they had finally succeeded in assuming control of the populations under the thinly veiled rule of national governments.


            The first and second signs were the wars....internal wars, arising from civil discontent and the agitation of having people turned into numerical values instead of souls. The second aspect was the international corporate military wars for black gold which the world had become addicted to.  The corporate engines had an outrageous thirst for the almost depleted natural resource, drinking deeply.  


                        There was a great cry from the many religions of old.  A sharing of a common bond and a sudden realization of unity, although too late to prevent what had already begun.  The cry of the martyrs went out from nation to nation, continent to continent, as they realized we were all of the one true God.  


                      The last recorded date that is known to man was 2193.  There were remnants of civilization that attempted to persevere; however, all traces of the ancients were virtually erased.  They had been proud of their great strides in technology and the sciences, especially genetics.  Little were we to know how much of the Fey races were in our DNA from times past when we had been fresh out of Eden.  No one could have expected, nor considered, how capable the Lord had made us as vessels for His divine energy.  He was kind and benevolent, filled with love for his children.  As the great evil began to rear its ugly head, he started to imbue those of us worthy enough with the ability to release His “energy” through prayer, not dissimilar to the magic of legend.

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   This is how the new earth began to rise as recorded by the 144,000; sealed by